Monday, December 10, 2007

Used toner cartridge? Sit on it

Here’s a creative new use for those spent toner and ink jet cartridges. It’s true that some vendors have a cartridge return program where they can re-use or recycle them, but many do not. It’s especially bad on the off-brand toner and ink market. What’s an eco-conscientious user to do?

Now a UK recycling company called Waycam has a new idea – they use a process that transforms cartridges into a plastic called TRI Wood, and then turn it into fence posts and garden furniture.

While the furniture aspect is a great stunt, the serious issue, as they acknowledge, is recycling the (highly toxic) used toner. It’s another step in the effort to keep more toxins out of landfills. This kind of thing is becoming increasingly a legal necessity in Europe, and it is something that should spread in the near future to the US.


cadub said...

I admire the efforts of Waycam to convert potentially hazardous waste into something useful. Kudos to Waycam.

A question thoug: I am a little aware of the quality of plastics used in making toner and ink cartridges. Are the furnitures made from recycled cartridges meet the needed characteristics of furniture users?

- Marlo Tejada

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